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No Fee Unless We Win Your Case

Contingency fees are what you pay your lawyer if the case is won. You don’t have to worry about paying up front as you file your lawsuit. Your attorney will only take a fee after a settlement is reached. Every legal consultation, meeting and investigations regarding your claim are done without initial payment to ensure your case is won. As you recuperate from your accident, you don’t have to add legal bills to your sensitive finances.

Once you and your lawyer agree on a contingency fee, your lawyer pays the costs for your lawsuit. From filing fees to payment of depositions and paying for copies of health and medical reports, your money is not used.

It’s mutually beneficial for lawyer and client to agree upon a contingency fee. The attorney will obviously be paid for the effort they put in the case. For the client, he or she knows their attorney is motivated to win in order to receive payment and none of their finances are put in jeopardy in pursuit of the case. Plus, you know your lawyer believes in the case or they wouldn’t have accepted it.

Our team of attorneys fights to help you win the greatest possible compensation in order to cover all of the damages and expenses incurred from your accident. When you win, your attorney wins as well.

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